Thursday, March 16, 2017

The fight against doping is on all of us

In ITU, we strongly believe in clean sport, because that’s what makes our sport, and our athletes, great. Every year, we commit time, effort, energy and a substantial budget to our anti-doping mission, and we will continue to do so every year, following all the recommendations from IOC and WADA, increasing the anti-doping tests taken at all of our triathlons and increasing the education activities, for all elite and AG athletes.

I’ve spent a few days in Lausanne this week, along with Leslie Buchanan, ITU’s Anti Doping Director, participating in the WADA’s Annual Symposium which is a really interesting event to talk about how to engage athletes in Anti Doping campaigns.

More than 700 experts from International Federations, Athlete committees, anti doping national organizations, major Games organizers, laboratories and government agencies participated in the Forum, and contributed to raise everyone’s concerns about the situation that the world of sports is living.

Our organization is absolutely committed to eradicating the use of prohibited substances and methods in triathlon. ITU is also focused on protecting the clean athletes, another of the goals for the next few years within the Olympic movement. ITU takes pride in the fact that so little anti-doping rule violations have occurred in our sport in the past year. Still, this does not mean our work is done. The fight against doping in sport is onerous, it requires a long-term commitment and it requires cooperation and collaboration. 

ITU shall, therefore, strive to render its anti-doping program even more successful than it has been in the past. And it is only with the efforts, understanding and cooperation of every single person involved in our sport that we can continue that way: keeping our sport clean and being proud of our athletes around the world.

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